…And The Seductive Stranger.

(a fictional story based on a real-life event).

During the seven minutes of ready, set, talk! time, eligible bachelor #1 would open with the most hilarious of one-liners. His joke would be so outrageously funny, I would not be able to control my laughter and, further, would be unable to prevent my whiskey on the rocks from spilling  all over the front of my black satin dress. Mortified, I would glance in all directions to identify just who spotted the spill and make sure they be removed from the premises at once when suddenly! I would turn back to look at him and he would be staring back at me. I would be made immobile, my limbs feeling like seasick gelatin and my mind a hot, blurry cloud and he would hold his gaze and I, mine, for ten seconds straight. Ten, nine, eight…he would begin to undress me mentally and I could feel my stockings being removed and it wouldn’t matter that this was all occurring cerebrally because it would feel more real than the ground beneath my feet. And then! Just when I would think our mind fuck was about to explode our very brains all over the ceiling, he would grab my dress and suck the whiskey on the rocks straight from its saturated source. Sets of astonished eyes would look towards him in surprise but he wouldn’t second-guess his behavior, nor would I…not until the whiskey on the rocks was sucked clean from the satin and he would leave behind on it only a tint of moisture from his lips.

So much would happen in those first two minutes of ready, set, talk! time that we would forget what we were doing, how we met, why we were even there. I would open my mouth to say, “This is crazy! This is all happening so fast!” and he would respond with, “I know…I don’t know what came over me! It’s just this passion, this…” “Feeling,” I would reply. We would finish each other’s sentences and laugh at the absurdity of our situation. That we could love each other more than anyone had ever loved before, and that we could make each other laugh because we were both so fucking hilarious! And we were goddamn geniuses! And to think, we could be surrounded by such pathetic fools. Fools whom would never experience a love so intense and severe, a love that would redefine historical conceptions of happiness and lust and blow them out of the fucking water. It would be a match made not in heaven or on Earth but somewhere unknown, someplace without a name or identity, and would be a match born from a revolutionary place…an imagined space that no human being before us ever knew existed.   

Yes, it was true love, and yes! It was ours!


4 thoughts on “Fantasy Speed-Dating..

      1. Just a humble follower of the blog. Keep on writing, those couple of minutes reading a post make my day.

  1. I agree with BaKecske, whom I by the way know very well who is, this is great writing! Put this all together and send it to someone, Smaps! You would blow their minds.

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